Bicycle Division

MATERIAL: Double-butted 7050 T73 alloy
BAR BORE: 31.8mm (2.2 / 1.2)
RISE: 20 / 38mm
WIDTH (C to C): 700 - 800mm
BACKSWEEP / UPSWEEP: 8 ̊ / 5.5 ̊
Spiral-Butted Tubing

Game-changing tube extrusion technology applied to all MJ Cycle’s aluminium handlebars: more durable, more strength, less weight.

Traditional butting involves a cumbersome 3-step process that does not maximize the potential of aluminum and resulting in compromises. Spiral-butting allows a more dense or compact packing of aluminum material within the tube structure. The result is a significant gain of strength and durability with less weight.

Only MJ Cycle utilizes leading-edge spiral butting technology on handlebars.

Material Test Report: Grain Size Analysis of Outside Wall

Material Test Report: Grain Size Analysis of Inside Wall

Process Comparison: Butted Handlebar Production